Brigstock Brewhouse beers are premium quality and are not mass-produced. All of our beers are made using natural spring water from a local limestone aquifer, grain freshly milled for each brew and whole hops. This unique combination brings a superb smoothness and clarity that our customers love.

To make the beers we use the BrewMagic rig: a 52 litre Rim System made by Sabco in Ohio, and all six beers are available in Firkins, Pins, Beer-in-a-bag-in-a-box and Ox-Bar PET crown capped bottles. The bottles are our biggest seller and something special: the technology in the bottles not only stops oxygen getting into the beer, it also absorbs any that has been sealed inside. This reduces the amount of oxygen that gets in contact with the beer, ensuring a long shelf life and retaining their perfect condition until you're ready to enjoy your drink

Our current range offers something for all beer lovers:

Potter's ruin (4.8% ABV)

The finest English malted barley and hops are used to create this beer, giving it a distinctive fruity taste, rounded with a toffee flavour and a nice hoppy finish.

Autumn Harvest (4.2% ABV)

A mellow, autumnal beer. The citrus aroma and delicious, lingering, hoppy taste derive from the use of three different hop varieties – Challenger, Goldings, and the unique Nelson Sauvin.

Brigstock Gold (4.2% ABV)

A golden summer ale, with a zesty aroma and a refreshing citrus taste.

Liberator (4.2% ABV)

Refreshing ale brewed close to the historic Grafton Underwood US airbase. A blend of the best British and American hops gives this beer a wonderful bitterness, along with the subtle flavours of toffee, honey and mead.

Old Nick's Favourite (4.8% ABV)

A dark, rich beer. Not for the faint-hearted, it has a distinctive flavour of liquorice and toffee, gained through a union of black strap molasses with black and chocolate malts. Truly unique.

Old Nick's Favourite, Cocoa edition (4.8% ABV)

The carefully balanced mixture of black strap molasses, black and chocolate malts and cocoa nibs gives a distinctive flavour of liquorice and toffee with a gentle undertone of chocolate.