The brigstock brewhouse story

It all began in the 1980s when then amateur brewer Philip Wilks fell in love with making his own beer using a small barrel in the cellar. Brewing took a back seat to life for a while, but whenever he did make a brew for family parties the results were often praised and always enjoyed. In 2011 Phil's eldest son, Tom, was getting married and asked for two pins of homemade beer for the wedding. The beer (and the wedding) was a huge success and the first of Brigstock Brewhouse's hand crafted artisan ales, Potter's Ruin, was born.

Brigstock Brewhouse is still a truly family affair, with Phil making all of the six beers himself (albeit with much more professional equipment now), his wife Sally keeps the business going, Tom designing the beer labels and his brother Sam managing the website. Obviously the whole family is heavily involved in tasting as well.

For the interested customers, I am also a trained potter and continue to practise, please feel free to visit my website,